Zwilling J.A.Henckels Knives & Accessories

Zwilling Pro

ZWILLING PRO is the most-user friendly knife on the market. Designed by internationally acclaimed designer Matteo Thun, years of work culminated in the ZWILLING wedge geometry that improves comfort and optimizes cutting technique. The innovative curved bolster is an extension of the hand, sup­porting the professional grip with thumb and index finger on the blade. The curved blade supports both classic Western circular or rocking cuts and Asian-style chopping cuts. The knives are made of proprietary special formula steel that has been perfected for over 280 years. Combined with ZWILLING’s signature ice-hardening technique, these FRIODUR blades are harder, sharper, and more stain resistant. Precision-forged from a single piece of steel, these SIGMAFORGE knives have an exceptionally sturdy, balanced and flexible blade. Each knife is honed and hand-finished by the most skilled artisans.

Zwilling Twin Master


ZWILLING TWIN MASTER is a commercial knife series which meets all requirements of strict hygiene, safety and quality regulations demanded in a professional kitchen. With bright, ergonomically shaped handles these precision stamped, finely hones, special formula “NO STAIN” stainless steel blades deliver long lasting cutting performance; they are simply masterly.


Zwilling 4 Stage Knife Sharpener

ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS 4-STAGE KNIFE SHARPENERS feature a German-engineering design that utilizes course and fine ceramix grits to let you manually    maintain the sharp cutting edge of Western- and/ or Asian-style cutlery


Zwilling Twin Stone Pro

ZWILLING TWIN STONE PRO Japanese water stones are an efficient and effective tool for keeping your knives sharp. Using just a few drops of water (no pre-soaking required) your knives will be sharp in a matter of minutes – no oil necessary. This TWIN pro 250/1000 Combination Japanese Water stone has two sides, a course 250-grit stone for especially dull knives or reshaping blades, and a fine 1,000-grit stone for the finishing touches. The base has non-slip rubber feet so tha you can safely sharpen your knives on most surfaces.


Zwilling Knife Bag

ZWILLING PROFESSIONAL TWO COMPARTMENT KNIFE BAG allows you to transport sharp knives safely from one place to another. The two compartments can be closed with a metal zipper and can accommodate up to 12 knives. There is also an extra storage space for small items. The fabric of the bag is black and the seams are bordered with a strong red. This gives the ZWILLING knife bag a modern and elegant look. Two carrying handles and a detachable shoulder strap ensure optimum comfort when carrying the ZWILLING knife bag.

Also Available: ZWILLING KNIFE ROLL for up to 7 knives


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