Waring – Cordless Commercial Vacuum Sealing System – WVS50

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Increase profitability and reduce food waste with the WVS50 Waring® Cordless Vacuum Sealing System. This pistol-style, easy-to use, handheld vacuum sealer is great for sous-vide cooking. It increases the shelf life of your ingredients by eliminating freezer burn and protecting food from the effects of microorganisms. Trigger operation allows you to vacuum seal softer and delicate products.

  • A pistol style, cordless, handheld and easy-to-operate vacuum sealer.
  • Trigger operation allows for sealing delicate and softer products.
  • Features a heavy-duty base for charging and storage.
  • Runs on rechargeable NiMH batteries.
  • Seal up to 50 bags with one full charge.
  • Reduce food waste and eliminate freezer burn.
  • Increase profits by extending the shelf life of ingredients.
  • Hygienically protect food from contamination and bacteria.
  • 25 one-quart and 25 one-gallon storage bags, safe for microwave, freezer and boiling.
  • Ideal for sous-vide cooking.


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