Star – Specialty Conveyor Toaster (1,000 Slices/Hr) – DT14

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  • Double toaster – two full size toasters with individual controls in less than 20″ of counter space.
  • Holman’s forced convection system keeps the toaster cool to the touch and extends the life of critical components. The forced convection increases productivity by circulating pre-heated air into toasting chamber.
  • Quartz infrared heaters provide faster, more consistent heating than traditional heating elements.
  • Two variable speed conveyor belt controls for perfect color and texture.
  • Two sets of separate, top/bottom variable heat controls for a variety of products.
  • Product entry opening adjustable from 1″ to 2-1/4″ high in top toaster.
  • Product entry opening 1-3/4″ high (not adjustable) in bottom toaster.
  • 8″ extended conveyor load-up area in top toaster.
  • 6″ extended conveyor load-up area in bottom toaster.
  • Heated holding area to keep toast at the perfect temperature.
  • Hi-limit switch prevents toaster from overheating protecting critical component parts.


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