Robot Coupe – Electric Juice Extractor – J 100

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  • Automatic
    The unique shape of the feed head eliminates the need for a pusher. Large quantities of juice can thus be produced quickly and effortlessly.
  • No heat build-up
    • Nutrients and antioxidants are preserved
    • No heating of ingredients
  • Special heavy-duty intensive use motor for intensive use
    Quiet 1,3 HP commercial-grade motor especially designed for intensive use (juice bars, supermarkets, etc.).
  • Stainless steel bowl
    Motor base and stainless steel bowl designed for easy cleaning and long service life
  • Reinforced grating disc
    For intensive use and longer service life
  • Sloping base
    Sloping base for optimum juice evacuation.
  • The juice extractor’s useful height
    of 247 mm means that the blender bowl can be placed under the spout.
  • 2 types of operation
    1. Continuous evacuation of pulp
    2. Evacuation of pulp into large capacity translucent pulp collector (7.2L)
  • Power: 1.3 HP
  • Voltage: Single Phase
  • Speed: 3,450 rpm


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