Amana – High Speed Commercial Combination Oven – AXP22

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Oven shall combine three cooking modes: forced convection, microwave and infra-red radiant for high speed cooking. Icon operated control panel shall be programmable with the ability to program up to 360 menu items and shall have multi-level menu capability. Programs shall be automatically updated using a USB port that is compatible with standard USB flash drives. Display shall be VFD. There shall be 11 power levels, 4 cooking stages and defrost mode. Microwave output shall be 2200 watts and distributed from two magnetrons located on each side of the cavity. An automatic voltage sensor shall accommodate both 208 and 240 volts. Oven shall provide a temperature range from 200o – 520o F (95o – 270o C) in 5o increments. The convection fan shall distribute the heat throughout the cavity to further reduce cook times. Fan speed can be programmed from 0 to 100% for menu flexibility. The infra-red radiant shall have 3000 watt output
and deliver heat from the bottom of the oven. This element shall be hinged for easy cleaning of the oven floor. The oven cavity shall have a 1.38 cubic ft. (39 liter) capacity and use standard metal cookware. Maximum microwave cooking time shall be 60 minutes. Oven shall have a stainless steel exterior and be stackable. Oven cavity shall be stainless steel construction with stainless oven door. Drop down door shall open below oven rack for full access to the cavity. The two side air filters shall be removable for easy cleaning and have a “clean filter” reminder feature. A removable, one position rack shall be included. Microwave oven shall comply with standards set by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, ETL for safety and sanitation.


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